Strange Facts about space

Image: There are thousands of planets out there! This artist’s impression shows what those multiple Solar Systems might look like. (Image Credit: NASA/ESA/ESO)

Because the festive period is here now once more, lots of social events and family time are members of the itinerary for many. Which means this year rather than telling the standard old Christmas cracker jokes why don't you entertain your buddies and family using these incredible space details rather?

  1. You will find 1000's of other planets available.

We've eight planets within our Photo voltaic System. However, outdoors in our Photo voltaic System you will find 1000's of other planets. The additional-photo voltaic planets or exo-planets have been in orbit around another star. To date we've almost 1800 confirmed new mobile phone industry's, with another 3000 waiting for confirmation. Astronomers are searching to some star’s goldilocks zone for planets that might be habitable, similar to the Earth. Nearly all planets discovered to date are hot gas giant planets.

Armstrong, Collins and Aldrin meeting President Nixon after their safe return to Earth. (Image credit: NASA)

2. Wide your skin in your ft peels off!

This can be a pretty gross fact however in the micro-gravity atmosphere, astronauts aren't utilizing their ft just to walk. And so the skin on their own ft begins to melt and flakes off. As laundry facilities don't appear in space, astronauts will put on exactly the same under garments and socks for any couple of days. Individuals socks then have to be removed very lightly. Otherwise individuals the dead skin cells will float around within the weightless atmosphere.
3. On Venus each day is more than annually.

This really is tricky one to obtain your mind around however a year on Venus (that's the amount of time it requires to accomplish one whole orbit round the Sun) is 224.7 Earth days. Nevertheless it takes 243 Earth days to rotate on its axis only once.

4.The astronauts were put into quarantine after coming back in the moon.

There's a famous picture of Leader Nixon speaking towards the Apollo 11 crew composed of Michael Collins, Neil Remedy and Buzz Aldrin. This ongoing until following the Apollo 14 crew came back securely. Following this it had been made the decision the Moon didn't contain any deadly illnesses.Image: You can fit one million of our home planet inside the Sun. Credit: NASA/SDO/Steele Hill. The Apollo 13 crew, that had a malfunction and needed to go back to Earth, weren't required to be quarantined after their re-entry because they didn’t really walk around the moon.

5. A million Earths can fit within the Sun.

Ancient astronomers once thought our planet what food was in the center from the World however we all know the Sun reaches the center in our Photo voltaic System and our planets orbit the sun's rays. The Sun's Rays comprises 99.8% from the entire mass from the whole Photo voltaic System. A million Earths could be must be exactly the same size because the Sun.

6.You feel taller wide.

Another switch to the body in micro-gravity is the fact that spine straightens out, as gravity isn't pushing you lower. Actually you may be up up to 5cm taller within the Space Station.

mage: Neptune the windiest planet as captured by Voyager 2 in 1989. Credit: Voyager 2, NASA. Image: A surface probe would not exist on the surface of Venus for very long. This is an reconstruction of the surface of Venus as captured by Radar by the space craft Magellan in the 1990s. Credit: E. De Jong et al. (JPL), MIPL, Magellan Team, NASA. Image: Astronaut Mark Lee, a real star sailor. Credit: NASA. Unicorn in space. Otherwise known as the Trifid nebula, this stallar cloud is a pillar of gas and dust. Credit: NASA, HST, WFPC2, J. Hester (Arizona St. U) et al.
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