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mrthomas2By Amanda Palmi­giano &lifier Emily Rasmussen

Maybe you have won­dered what your teach­ers’ jobs were before they grew to become teach­ers? Here’s the back­ground of sci­ence teacher Steve Thomas, his­tory teacher Matt Tran­sue, sci­ence teacher Amanda DeppeCarter, and chem­istry teacher Chris Bianco.

Steve Thomas is really a biol­ogy teacher at Ran­cho, and it has were built with a couple of ran­dom jobs before he grew to become an instructor. Probably the most out­stand­ing the first is his job work­ing at KFC, which only survived four hrs! At that time, Thomas seemed to be work­ing in a gas sta­tion and stated, “I prefer to smell of vehicle grease than chicken grease, and so i quit.”

Matt Tran­sue, his­tory and gov­ern­ment teacher, also offers were built with a couple of strange jobs just before teach­ing. He would be a bouncer in a bar dur­ing col­lege along with a per­sonal trainer at round-the-clock Fit­ness. He then would be a DJ for that radio and then a sports caster for his college!

“I haven’t had many strange jobs, ” shares Amanda DeppeCarter, sci­ence teacher, “but I've had a couple of.” She labored like a Mid­dle East dance instruc­tor teach­ing belly danc­ing to peo­ple! Like a side job, she also labored in the Renais­sance Fes­ti­val each sum­mer for ten years sell­ing poultry legs! Apart from individuals cool jobs, she labored at Dairy Full, like a pho­tog­ra­pher tak­ing river raft pho­tos, a camping coun­selor, and also at a con­tin­u­a­tion school like a volunteer.

Chris Bianco is really a chem­istry teacher, and hasn’t had a number of other jobs while he is really youthful. How­ever, a couple of his most mem­o­rable jobs both involved him dri­ving fork lifts! In senior high school, he labored for Lowe’s, where he first learned they are driving a fork lift, as well as a paint­ing com­pany over sum­mer, that also involved fork lifts. His favorite job had been a ban­quet server where she got to go to a large amount of fancy occasions and find out inter­est­ing places around Sonoma County. “It was nice since i reached see a lot of places I did not know been around, and obtain taken care of it too, ” shares Bianco.

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