Strange children

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Frederick Whiteford is definitely an incredible artist and music performer. I stalk everything he is doing. I questioned him once in a previous publication, where I referred to his band (HARLEY POE) as what it really would seem like if Bruce Campbell’s character in Evil Dead finger-bumped the Violent Femmes. A few Youtube goodies I frequently revisit are these children’s books converted into tunes by Harley Poe and supported through the original sketches of Frederick Whiteford. I would like to see these illustrations become real children’s books eventually, however the music designed for them contributes to how wonderful they are…

Hello, humanoids! Thanks for visiting Kafka Review’s strange little audio blog. I refer to it as Dead City Radio like a jerk towards the worked with album between William S. Burroughs and many music artists, with similar title. So why do I connect a lot Burroughs stuff with this particular website? Well, if there is no Kafka there wouldn’t happen to be a Burroughs.DCR Burroughs even incorporated cut-up texts of Kafka in several his work. It can make sense to a person much like me who thinks within the wibbly-shaky timey-wimey sense, rather than the dissected linear boring brain party from the average folk. Anyways, because this factor develops I really hope everybody will find something they like. Are conscious of any sounds strange enough to help make the cut?

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