Another word for strange

Stores and niche shops appear and disappear, but awesome ideas appear to become a staple within New Haven. A town filled with creative entrepreneurs, who see New Haven's small city being an benefit to crafting a one-on-one relationship with citizens along with other local company to produce a mix pollination.

Alex Dakoulas

New Haven's latest resident Alex Dakoulas, who's recent transplant from Boston, MA. does exactly that. Alex may be the owner, art director and designer for Strange Ways. His consider your experience includes creating graphics and shoes for Converse and Puma, where his work mainly revolved around account-specific products—so they know about creating for the consumer. Also, he went their own apparel line, Dance Party Massacre—which you'd have loved if you like 80s horror movies. He's done exclusive collabs for Dr. Suess, Footlocker, Electricity Comics, Converse boutiques, Fangoria and much more. His work has additionally been featured in Inked Magazine, Out Magazine,, High Snobiety, and amongst others.In 2013, Alex was named certainly one of Tosser Magazine’s "50 Individuals to Continue Your Radar"—and has worked to meet that statement since. Together with his experience focusing on different items with lots of different creatives, he's been waiting during the day to spread out their own shop. He hopes starting Strange Ways on his terms would be the perfect chance to allow his abilities shine. He loves focusing on items that interact with people, and hooking up with individuals to play with them. He really hopes you like the strange little world he's produced, and invites you to definitely join him inside it.

When requested concerning the popup shop and the way forward for a store his response was:

“I think the #1 question I recieve at this time is "Where's your shop situated?". It's cool—I'm glad individuals are interested. Before I answer that, just a little background info... opening a store costs a

$hitton of cash!

Due to stated information above, cheap I am attempting to run this shop fairly sensibly, the primary response to where Strange Ways is situated is online for the time being. However, I am also working challenging available before individuals to begin to see the product first-hands and then gain traction. Presuming all goes well, Strange Ways will easily progress into remaining in a permanent location that we have found is sensible for this.

For the time being, I'm doing lots of marketplaces, special occasions and pop-up shops. Among the best possibilities we've is beginning in a few days. I will be establishing shop inside a refurbished ATM vestibule

that's now a pop-up space for individuals to showcase their business. Situated at 55 Chapel Street within the ninth Square of recent Haven, it is simply a brief walk in the New Haven Eco-friendly, Wooster Square, Yale College, Gateway College and Condition Street Station. As well as the area boasts a number of my personal favorite bars like Firehouse 12 and116 Crown! So stop on in throughout lunch, or moving toward happy hour—I swear you will not find other things enjoy it in New Haven.”

What exactly may be the PRODUCT?

Strange Ways is proud to hold more compact brands and also to support independent artists and designers, and take great pleasure in presenting clients to new products and firms they haven't seen before. We keep our eyes towards the sky and ears down looking for items worth realizing. As if you, we appreciate well-done artistry and items which have focus on detail. We feel why is one stand out—and yes, that's a great thing—is within the small things.

Strange Ways also works together with gifted folks to produce one-of-a-kind collaborations and exclusive products. Through our forward-thinking and weird lens we provide exclusive product from probably the most relevant trendsetters, creatives and symbols. We don’t just make an effort to curate and carry interesting products—in creating a lot of it ourselves, hopefully to become placed you can turn to for inspiration.

If you are seeking a method past the mall and mass culture, hopefully you discover it here. For the wonderfully strange individuals with a watch for style, hopefully you discover some yourself within our items. You want to assist you to express your individuality and carry stuff you will not find elsewhere, so return frequently and don't forget to remain strange.


Strange Ways isn't nearly the visual, but additionally about operating purposely. All of the product we feature comes from business artists, designers and small brands. We try to pay attention to American-

made, recycled content and dealing with LGBT artists. And also at the finish of the season we donate 5%of profits to numerous nonprofits. You want to function appropriately having a personal touch to make use of our minds so it's not necessary to. Shopping ought to be easy, and purchasing from Strange Ways should cause you to feel good in additional ways than a single.

Mention you saw us publish concerning the pop-up online, and obtain 10% off you buy the car!

WHERE: 55 Chapel Street, New Haven, CT

WHEN: October 1st–October thirteenth

Mondays to fridays: 12PM-4PM


*CLOSED: Saturday, October

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