Strange words in English


Amazingly, the only real British word with three Ys also transpires with describe an uncommon astronomical event including three heavenly physiques. A syzygy may be the alignment of three celestial physiques inside a straight line, generally our planet, the sun's rays and also the Moon. Now, what's the only common British word to finish in -mt?


A poet would recognize how earlier this tense of dream offers this type of special quality - the only real verb in regular British usage to finish with -mt. We listen to people constantly who swear there has to be another term ending in -mt. Nobody has ever really offered another example, however. Possibly it is available inside a dream. The following word may be the complete opposite of -mt.

dreamt [tuh-mee-sis]

The only term within the British language to start with tm- comes with an unusual intending to match. Tmesis may be the insertion of a number of words between your words that comprise a substance phrase, as with "what-so-ever" placed in the center of "whatever." You may never guess what's next: the only real word that consists of X, Y, and Z.


Just one word in most of British comes with an X, Y, and Z so as. Hydroxyzine can also be the only real word about this list you will probably have ingested sooner or later.tmesis Medicines coded in the nineteen fifties might help calm you lower, prevent sneezing, and impress you with unique linguistic characteristics. Our final word is much more of the riddle: What's the only British term pronounced exactly the same should you remove four letters?


Before it meant a line, a queue known towards the tail of the animal in medieval pictures and fashions. The bizarre spelling owes its origin to French, like many words that appear to be just a little odd in British. Just before the Frenchification of queue, Latin typed it really as coda.hydroxyzine The duplication of U and E frequently seems like browsing line: when you think you're almost there, the queue like magic appears to repeat itself.

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