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Vikki McMillan - Owner and School DirectorHis encounters with creatures haven't only incorporated creatures in captivity, but additionally within the wild, when they have analyzed such places as Africa, Australia, and India. He began their own studio animal company having a need to invest of his understanding and experience towards enhancing the standard of existence for captive species. Presently, his company is among the top animal companies in the market.

"Animal Training is really a college you won't ever finish.Inch

After graduation NYU film school Vikki gone to live in La to operate in film production. Little did she realize that from residing in Manhattan she'd be living in an isolated exotic animal ranch in Canyon Country.Brian and Felix Hollywood Creatures began 1987 with only John &lifier Vikki &lifier 6 creatures on the 10 acre ranch of dust, (nicknamed "Rancho Seco"). Because the business increased, so did their assortment of creatures &lifier the ranch property was created &lifier converted into a comfortable home for Vikki &lifier John &lifier their 4 legged family. The ranch has three training areas, full kitchen, office, locker room &lifier over 35 exotic creatures &lifier an internally staff of seven trainers.

Seeing the requirement for a on the job animal training school &lifier the need of a lot of people who wish to find out about exotics &lifier possibly use them, Vikki made the decision to spread out up a college in 1992 concentrating in applied on the job instruction. Her purpose for that school ended up being to begin a formal training foundation to create generation x of responsible &lifier caring animal caretakers &lifier trainers.

The very first couple of years ' offered only one weekend course. As enrollment ongoing to improve, new courses were developed. Now fifteen years later the college offers three different professional courses offered all year round in addition to various eventually animal adventures.

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