Exotic animals Hunts in Texas

kendall-jones-hunting-texas-cheerleader-lion-bowA “professional” large game hunting advocate told Fox News on Sunday that the Texas Tech cheerleader who published Facebook photos of dead creatures — like tigers, lions, zoysia and leopards — only agreed to be killing “nuisance creatures.” Author and hunter Craig Boddington described to Fox News host Tucker Carlson that liberal experts of 19-year-old cheerleader Kendall Johnson didn't realize that her questionable tracks in Africa were helping to cover “wildlife management and conservation.”

“In Africa and elsewhere within the Under Developed, hunting revenues from going to athletes and ladies are actually important to controlling wildlife, ” Boddington was adamant. “The direct revenues from hunting and also the local employment that safaris provide town are actually essential in turning what otherwise may be harmful nuisance creatures right into a valuable resource.”

“It places value around the creatures, and hunting also deters poaching by meat distribution, by reducing human-animal conflicts, ” he added. “So it truly is absolutely important to wildlife management.”

Boddington stated he had also taken his kids on tracks in African once they were 17 years of age.

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