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Wild &lifier Harmful peers deep in to the associations between people as well as their foreign animals to reply to some core questions: Exactly what is a pet? Are we able to transform any wild creature from the atmosphere right into a companion simply by getting it home and providing it a title? Will we have the authority to own wildlife as property? What defines the road between wild and domesticated? Can exotic creatures adjust to new conditions and live overflowing resides in captivity? Or will they only belong in character? Do you know the real dangers for proprietors, pets and also the atmosphere?

Meet Denise and her giant Tegu lizard ‘Roscoe’ in Quebec, Yasmin and her estranged ‘Ikea’ monkey ‘Darwin’ in Ontario and Zuzana and Scott in Nevada using their pet lion Bam-Bam. Their personal tales reveal the immediate dangers, the general public safety concerns, the expense of keeping exotic creatures, and the significance of responsible possession. Their situations indicate an illicit uncommon animal trade that grows fastest amongst a patchwork of loose, conflicting laws and regulations across The United States which are now under scrutiny within the wake of latest much talked about installments of steered clear of pets.

Zuzana with Bam-Bam

For that large picture on uncommon animal culture, the main focus remains on associations.

Anthrozoology is really a new inter-disciplinary science that studies human-animal interactions. Reacting towards the ideas presented through the pet proprietors themselves, professionals weigh in around the issues in the fields of psychology, philosophy and zoology.

Wild &lifier Harmful will show colorful figures and fantastic animals to unveil an image of western society entering an unusual and uncertain era of uncommon animal culture while located on the edge of the bigger understanding concerning the emotional connections between humans and creatures.

Wild &lifier Dangerous is written and directed by award-winning filmmaker, Jason Youthful, created by Ron LeGuerrier and Timothy M. Hogan of Halifax-based Dream Street Pictures, in colaboration with CBC Television.

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