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The US version of Queer as Folk could be revivedThe United States form of Queer as Folk might be elevated

The designers of america form of Queer as Folk have suggested they would consider refreshing the series – focussing on the more youthful generation.

The initial Funnel 4 series went for 2 years within the United kingdom in 1999, as the US Showtime adaptation broadcast for 5 years.

Daniel Lipman stated: “We’d most probably into it, with respect to the venue of the reboot.

“I think what can be interesting is always to explore our figures who have reached their 40s and getting inside a new generation to see how that mix would go.

“As a good example, i was speaking if Gus — John and Lindsay’s child who's now say, 17, age that Justin was — and when he was gay. How different his sights could be from his father.

“That type of factor could be a fascinating factor to understand more about. Those who are now mid-teens and 20s and perhaps within their 30s possess a different look at what it’s like being gay.

“It’s not too way from coast to coast and surely in a more elaborate place but where you’re educated and raised, there is a very different look at being gay than when Ron and that i were more youthful and just how people perceived being gay.

“For me, within the 70s after i was at my 20s, which was a period where gay everyone was really creating themselves and individuals were being released simultaneously as feminism. It had been an explosive time.”

Cowan added: “It could be interesting to determine generation x and find out how people made a decision to assimilate.”

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