Queer people of Color

by Devon McNaughton

photo courtesy of mangoswithchili.com

Queer People of Color Conference located an enjoyable, relaxed First Friday now, that also offered because the conference kick-off ceremony. A substantial crowd attended for performances by Radio Xicana, Kay Ulanday Barrett, J Mase III, Clarissa Bitar along with other artists.

Regrettably, the big event experienced from the couple of technical difficulties. The spoken word performances were postponed for a while while a functional microphone was situated. Everyone else didn’t appear in your thoughts much, however, and happily danced and mingled towards the beats of Radio Xicana while intricacies were taken care of.

Around 10:00, a functional mic was discovered, simply to hand out quickly following opening bulletins. The accommodating crowd huddled near to hear the performers. Kay Ulanday Barrett’s spoken word performance on his encounters like a trans person of color (among other subjects) would be a highlight. Local Isla Vista oud player Clarissa Bitar seemed to be impressive of course.

Additionally towards the light-spangled heart and geodesic dome which are cornerstones of First Fridays, new carnivalesque light fittings added romantic flair towards the event. Existence from the Party passed out free slices from Pizza Me — should you allow them to bring your picture and publish it for your social networking. Though QPOCC was the main focus from the evening, all community people were cordially welcomed.

“I loved the background music and good vibes, ” stated 4th-year USC math major Mark Winterland. “But to tell the truth, free Pizza Me would be a large draw and that i was pretty disappointed by how big the slices these were supplying.”

4th-year USC communications major Lindsay Meyer stated, “I thought the big event went pretty much. I am talking about, the mic issues were type of annoying, however i thought they handled it as being best they might and that i still had a great time.Inches

Despite technical difficulties, QPOCC located a effective First Friday. Participants loved a social and laid-back atmosphere with dancing, music and spoken word underneath the stars.

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