Dr. Strange animated movie

Dr. Strange 2007 3 from 10

I sure hope the large budget live action version starring Benedict Cumberbatch is preferable to this animated movie. I am hoping they do not spend the entire movie telling his rather dull origin story. I am so tired of boring origin tales of comic figures-arrive at the nutrients already. This animated Marvel movie ought to be known as Dr. Boring rather than Dr. Strange. The pacing from the story is super slow and plodding. The smoothness development was tiresome making the smoothness completely unexciting. I had been virtually within the movie before he even began doing Miracle. It had been essentially a poor Kung Fu training movie. Maybe I am simply not likely to such as this character whatsoever -I virtually have no knowledge concerning the character-which animated film left me less interested discovering more. There is some decent action in the very finish -however it was not enough to late when i had already examined from the movie.


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