Strange animals found

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Montauk Monster Washes On A Brand New You are able to Beach


The storyline goes that local youths just discovered it, captured pics of it, then offered it to papers (yay, humanity!) Now, this happened near Plum Island Animal Disease Center, which raised ideas concerning the government doing strange experiments. Its dinosaur beak was stated together with the speculation that maybe it's a formerly undiscovered prehistoric mammal.

Other possible identifications from the creature incorporated your dog along with a turtle without its spend (but turtles do not have teeth).

It is also apparently not really a demon dog who only serves the truly amazing and effective Zuul...


Ray Cent, the East Hampton Natural Assets Director, together with other experts, confirmed it had been simply a rotting raccoon carcass, which matched up dental and skeletal points but didn't have its upper jaw.

Because the situation from the Montauk Monster was solved, other carcasses have been discovered within the same area. An internet site known as is devoted to following on these cases with photographs and demands the commonalities between all the monsters ensures they are originating from Plum Island. Which means that should you ever visit Plum Island, if this sounds like exactly what the raccoons seem like, you best be careful about your motherf*cking back advertising media are to their sharks, because within the relaxation around the globe, raccoons seem like this:


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