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wunderpus photogenicus on seafloor - strange animal namesWunderpus photogenicus: Yep, you heard right. Try stating that with no circus announcer's voice. Really, the spots of the rare octopus species (pictured above and below) are unique to every animal, meaning photos help scientists identify people. But nonetheless ... Wuuuuunderpuuus phoootogennnicusssssss!


Spiny lumpsucker: Along with a lumpy-searching sucker it's. The lumpsucker uses modified pelvic fins which have developed into adhesive dvds to stay itself onto a surface just like a rock, or because the second photo below, onto fingers.

Pleasing fungus beetle: There's not merely one, but about 1, 800 known types of this (relatively) pleasing-searching beetle that's indeed usually found feeding around the fruits of fungi.

Pink fairy armadillo: It is available! And it is cute!! Ignore unicorns we do not need any whenever we have pink fairy armadillos. And they're literally pink. You can't really see this and never believe it is directly from an illusion novel.

spiny lumpsucker - strange animal names****

Raspberry crazy ant: Not sweet. And never cute. But certainly crazy. This invasive species is initially from Nigeria, but it is gradually distributing across Texas and also the Southeast. It's named for that exterminator, Tom Raspberry, who first observed them in 2002.

Satanic leaf-tailed gecko: OK, maybe this title is not so absurd. One see this guy you will find, one might agree he appears a little around the evil-possessed side.

spiny lumpsuckers on fingers****

Tasseled wobbegong: Need we are saying more? Well maybe this: it is a types of carpet shark. (Not too as being a carpet shark helps matters much...)

Hellbender: Nothing states fierce that can compare with a huge slippery salamander, right? Well, maybe less. This is exactly why it requires a title like "Hellbender."

Chicken turtle: Serious, it is because that's the way it tastes.

Star-nosed mole: An operating title, to be certain, in line with the form of the schnoz. But nonetheless.

pleasing fungus beetleBlobfish: Yep. Blobfish. Zero points for creativeness on that one but, well, it is a seafood and it is a blob so why wouldn't you.

Red-colored-lipped batfish: Now we are speaking! A seafood that's colored up just like a tartlet and it has fins that kinda seem like softball bat wings. Descriptive title, but absurd nevertheless.

Goblin shark: Because goblins.

Hummingbird hawk-moth: Several kinds of bird species use to naming this moth species.

Leafy seadragon: A dragon that appears just like a leafy branch and lives underneath the ocean. Why don't you?

Frill-necked lizard: This person appears like he warrants a title with increased vitality. But not a chance. He's just frilly.

Mustached puffbird: Not a chance, no Angry Wild birds character. Only a puffy bird having a 'stache.

Photo: Julian Londono/wikipedia

raspberry crazy ant satanic leaf tailed gecko - strange animal satanic leaf tailed gecko sticks out tongue tassled wobbegong
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