Strange questions to ask people

When you choose how you can election, wouldn't it matter for you to understand that Greg Mulholland, LibDem Mega pixel for Leeds NW, was created in Manchester, visited school in Altrincham, and just gone to live in Leeds after College?

Hopefully not.

We’re sure you’d mostly stress about exactly what the re-election of the LibDem/Tory coalition means for you personally but for the country – and cast your election with that basis.

Alex - at a local beauty spot

But someone thinks this kind of information matters about Alex Sobel, the Work Candidate in Leeds NW.

Someone is having to pay for telephone polling with a firm referred to as ‘Local Issues’.

Someone is asking people whether, for instance, it might affect their election to understand that Alex had was like a candidate in Buckinghamshire?

We’d greatly prefer to know who commissioned this polling – and just how much it is.

It isn't made obvious within the telephone call – so we’ve needed to settle your differences by elimination.

We are able to reassure you that it is not the Work Party.

And that we doubt it’s the Conservatives, Vegetables or UKIP.

A few of the other questions request what can cause you to more prone to election LibDem – therefore the evidence points their way.

The entire clients are an average PR or marketing tactic – and albeit it rather smacks of desperation.

Consider they’re asking, here, for that record, really are a couple of details – concerning the two candidates we all know of in Leeds NW.

According to what's on Wikipedia – Greg Mulholland was created in Manchester, educated in Altrincham and also at the College of You are able to. He labored in a variety of places after graduation, including Scotland. He was chosen Headingley Councillor in 2003. He resides in Otley.

Alex Sobel isn’t yet on Wikipedia – but we are able to provides you with the information here.

He was created in Leeds, and resided in Yorkshire until he was 9. He gone to live in Buckinghamshire at that time, when his parents were made to proceed to search for jobs throughout the Thatcher years. He came back to Yorkshire at age 18, to go to the College of Leeds. He’s labored around Leeds from graduation let's start. He was chosen Councillor for Moortown and Meanwood this year. He Resides in Headingley.

For which they’re worth – individuals would be the details.

A few other biographical particulars may be more interesting for you.

Greg Mulholland labored like a marketing guy for 5 years after graduation, including on several marketing campaigns.

Alex Sobel has labored largely within the Voluntary Sector since graduation, helping launch Social Businesses like Enabled Works, the neighborhood alternative for that Remploy factory – which employed disabled people prior to being made to close.

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