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Strange Music is really a mainstay because of its diverse roster. Here, we celebrate five great albums by a few of the other people from the team.

Not so long ago inside a world far, far, HipHopDX accustomed to host blogs. Through Meka, Brillyance, Aliya Ewing yet others, visitors got unfiltered opinions around the most up to date subjects in and beyond Stylish Hop. Following a couple of years, a few redesigns and also the collective vision of three different Editors-In-Chief, blogs have returned. Well, kind of. Since our blog section went the clear way of two-way pagers and physical mixtapes, Twitter, Instagram and Ustream have further faster the interest rate of current occasions in Stylish Hop. image_4 Emcees beef with one another 140 figures at any given time, entire mixtapes (as well as their connected artwork) could be launched via Instagram, and often these occasions need a rapid reaction.

As a result, we are arranging this space for any weekly response to Stylish Hop's current occasions. Or other things we deem worthy. And also the “we” under consideration is myself, Andre Grant and Ural Garrett. With each other we function as HipHopDX's Features Staff. And, now, we have a unique guest in Wisconsin’s own and smart intern High cliff Grefe. Apart from dealing with stray subjects, we might invite artists along with other personas in Stylish Hop to participate the conversation. Without further delay, here’s this week's “Stray Shots.”

*Obviously Tech N9ne may be the leader, however these five artists also have released very, quite strong projects alongside their rapid-fire commander-in-chief.

Image_2 Image_1


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