Strangest Natural Phenomena

Source: Martina JacksonAtop the mighty ice formation we call glaciers we discover the mysterious Penitentes – narrow rotor blades of snow that achieve for the general direction from the sun. Named through the residents within the areas of Argentina where they occur, their title originates from the concept that they appear like devoted worshippers giving praise to God – also called doing penance. Because of their sheer levels of high-altitude glaciers, the environment in their summit is frequently dry, which makes up about the penitentes’ eerie shape. The spikes vary from a couple of centimetres completely as much as 16 ft, several occasions how big a guy.

Pitch Lake, Trinidad

Situated in the middle of the attractive Caribbean island of Trinidad, natural curiosity that's the Pitch Lake may be the biggest natural accumulation of asphalt on the planet. Developing such as the world’s greatest playground, the Pitch Lake is definitely an ancient relic dating completely to the Miocene era. Believed to become 70 five metres deep, the river is a mixture of hardened and fluid asphalt.Source: ESO A lot of it remains untouched, which sets the imagination raging about what is hidden in this particular mysterious natural creation. Certainly, it might be any geologist’s fantasy to correctly plumb the deep Pitch Lake, however the local people may not take too kindly into it – they’re appropriately happy with a phenomenon their own families have resided around for decades. Numerous theoriies exist concerning the roots from the Pitch Lake, but no complete consensus has emerged among researchers.

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