G.W. exotic Animal Park

UPDATE: Government bodies launched the 911 call from GW Exotic Animal Park after certainly one of it’s employees was assaulted with a tiger these were taking care of. Below you are able to pay attention to that 911 call:

UPDATE: – Who owns the tiger, Joe Schreibvogel held a press conference and states the victim from the tiger attack is within good spirits laughing and joking. The victim, Kelci Saffery, confesses that they broke protocol by adhering her hands with the cage rather than while using stick deliver to her.
The tiger release and pressed her hands back with the cage. She states the tiger wasn't aggressive towards her and she or he wants a fast recovery so she can go back to use her tigers.

Saffery states the tiger bit her around the fingers of her glove and drawn her arm in to the cage. Because the tiger arrived at on her coat, both front feet did 90 % from the damage.

She continued to state that never did the tiger growl or show any aggression throughout any area of the incident. She thinks the tiger thought the glove and also the coat were toys.

“Our investigator found there were numerous incidents of employees inappropriately interacting with and being injured by the animals at the park.”Doctors say she come in a healthcare facility ten to fifteen days which they needed to remove a little part of the tip of her ring finger.

The tiger was tranquilized and gone to live in another part of the park “off-exhibit” and will likely remain there for that relaxation of his existence.

Saffery’s statement read:

I Kelci Saffery release this statement towards the press on October fifth. I broke protocol and stuck my submit the cat cage rather than while using stick provided. The kitty release and pressed my arm back with the cage. This tiger wasn't aggressive towards me. I really hope for any healthy recovery in order to go back to work everyday with my tigers.

-Kelci Saffery

Joe Schreibvogel stated Saffery was certainly one of his top employees.

“She was most likely among the best people I’ve ever labored with. Most devoted. You needed to pressure her to consider each day off, ” Schreibvogel states.

He stated to follow strict protocol. Experts, like Cynthia Remedy in the Humane Society could not agree. She stated her group did an undercover analysis this year.

WYNNEWOOD, Okla. – An Oklahoma zoo worker whose arm was bitten with a tiger will went through surgery Monday morning.

This time around, it will likely be a small someone to cleanse her wounds.

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