Strange Japanese foods

Strange Japanese Food HorumonIt can make you strong. harumon is really a broad word meaning everything from digestive tract to organs. It’s all of the nasty bits. Any yakiniku restaurant may have part of the menu devoted entirely to those strange, mysterious areas of your pet. It will likely be blanket-labeled “harumon” without further elaboration since a butchers or vet would recognize what it really was anyway. What you’re eating remains as much as your imagination.

Nevertheless, thin harumon–I’m speaking about intestine within this case–holds sauce perfectly. When you are within the fact you’re eating cow guts, you may enjoy it. It’s soft, but good. Thick harumon, though, will gag you. Things I had would be a large, strange ball of soft stomach body fat which i couldn’t swallow without a great deal water.

Japanese nankotsuNankotsu

nankotsu is fried chicken cartilage. It’s nearly the same as eating the crunchy stuff in the finish of the chicken wing, which before visiting Japan I really didn’t know was edible. You’ll think it is in yakitori restaurants and izakayas, Japanese pubs. It’s prepared exactly the same way as karaage, Japanese fried chicken, therefore it won’t taste very different. The issue is the feel. In my experience, eating nankotsu is much like eating chicken bones.Strange Japanese tororo Whenever you grip what appears like karaage but feel a crunch involving the teeth, something’s strange. I can’t eat nankotsu since the texture is simply too strange and boney for which ought to be chicken nuggets.


You've Anthony Bourdain by way of thanking for that one making my Strange Japanese Food list. Tastewise, tororo isn’t so bad. The issue is what it appears as though. In a single Japan-designed No Bookings episode, Bourdain along with a Japanese Iron Chef sitting lower to some steaming bowl of cod semen soup, which was similar to things i purchased in an costly sushi bistro in Osaka greater than I had been confident with.

I purchased maguro yamakake. Recption menus have been in very difficult kanji, however i could read maguro, and so i understood I'd receive tuna. I received a bowl of tuna portions slathered in sticky whitened goo, that we mistook for tuna rich in the own semen.

Japanese natto, strange food Weird, Bad Basashi

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