Strange canned foods

If this involves food I'm prepared to eat the majority of things, and a minimum of prepared to try new meals. Only one factor that I like to consume makes many people feel totally ill indeed. The thing is I love all day long breakfast inside a container! With egg, beans, sausage plus some kind of potato product I really like it. However I are evident that many people hate the concept of a breakfast inside a can. So can one justify eating it by finding other activities inside a container which are far worse? You wager I can…

What shocks me about this isn't the truth that it's fried chik’n inside a can, not the truth that someone not just invented this but use the stuff! However the reality that it clearly states along the side of the can “With Gravy!” For how long did fried chicken opt for gravy?!?

9 – No Scot would eat this!

Top 10 Strange and Unusual Canned FoodsGetting attempted both real haggis along with a container of these things I understand the canned haggis food does come near to the taste of the haggis, but to get affordable enough. However for anybody who lives too far from Scotland to test the 100% genuine factor this may well have the desired effect.

8 – Can with muffin in!

It could seem gross, however i think this canned muffin might taste rather nice! In the end I frequently eat chocolate cake and custard from the can so why wouldn't you a muffin? Worth a try I believe.

7 – Canned Bread?

These won't be viewed as the very best invention since sliced bread, but it's one I believe would taste quite nice. 99% body fat-free and filled with tasty raisins it could taste Ok! ..or possibly not.

6 – A can of the items?!?!

Should you thought those you've seen already were bad, read this canned squid! Not matter how disgusting it could seem, keep in mind that a minimum of it is available in natural ink!

5 – Folded Sausage?

You will find a variety of cans of sausage around the grocery shelves, but that one offers people REAL pre-cooked sausage strips! I've no clue what these taste like, however i would likely be prepared to test it if only the once!

4 – The Candwich?!?

Accept is as true of not this can be sandwiches inside a can! With a range of Peanut Butter and strawberry Jelly, BBQ chicken or Peanut Butter and grape Jelly they are really a canned sensation. And something which i think I'll provide a miss.

3 – Bugtacular!

The thought of eating a container of silkworm pupae might seem disgusting for you or I, but to many people they're seen as important supply of nutritional protein. And for the truth that i wouldn’t try these inside a million years I suppose we will need to believe what they say for this.

2 – The not too large mac.

If you feel a cheese hamburger inside a container will look anything such as the one you can observe within this marketing advert, you have to reconsider. Getting ate one of these simple myself I understand that they're slightly…damp! However they last forever and could be ideal for survival food.

1 – 11 a lot of!

Just whenever you thought I couldn’t gross you out of trouble anymore I provide you with things i believe may be the mobile phone industry's oddest can of food. A 12 course meal inside a container was always likely to be pushing things too much and even that's exactly what it's. But stuff it! I'd give it a try!

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