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words-dictionary_-_Copy-430181-editedThe Oxford British Dictionary adds new phrases and words for their dictionary four occasions annually, as well as in 2014, the dictionary achieved positive results from 1000's of additions. The language often reflect technological developments, pervasive colloquialisms, and shifting language designs. Even though the OED has not been as liberal using their additions because the Oxford Dictionaries - you will not find phrases and words like "hot mess, " "adorbs, " or "neckbeard" - they have still handled to remain remarkably "using the occasions" without compromising timelessness.

Benefit from the listing of the 30 strangest words I based in the 2014 archives - some might cause you to raise an eyebrow, others should cause you to laugh, plus some you will be surprised were only put in 2014. (Baked potato? Really?)

Warning: A couple of words out there are NSFW.

30 Strange Words Put into the OED in 2014

Backwash, n.

The passing water or any other liquid via a filter within the reverse direction to normalcy flow to be able to flush it clean a clear case of this. Also: Liquid used in this process.

Baked Potato,

A potato baked whole and offered in the skin.


A artist who uses (increased) vocal effects to mimic the sounds and tempos of stylish-hop music.


An individual's closest friend a really good friend.

Bitchingly, adv.

Being an intensifier: very, very Inside a exacerbated manner complainingly. Also: within an uncomfortable or contemptuous manner spitefully.


(An exclusive reputation for) an electronic payment system introduced in '09, getting its very own unit of account the system of account of the system.


Any one of several bottom-dwelling deep-ocean fishes from the family Psychrolutidae (fathead sculpins), that have large heads spec. Psychrolutes marcidus of Australian and Nz waters, getting gelatinous flesh and (once introduced towards the surface) a unique sagging face.


Take the own device, the insurance policy or practice of permitting employees, clients, etc., to hook up with an organization's network utilizing their own mobile phones, computer systems, etc.

Citrusy, adj.

Of the smell, taste, or colour: characteristic or an indication of lemon or lime. Also: getting this type of smell, taste, or colour.


An unnaturally produced language.

Garbage shoot,

See also:
  • Granite and marble fabricators.
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