Strange words and Definitions

Exorbitant means excessive, too much, too far, etc.The eggman is tugging around the finish of the shoe lace. Because he performs this, he illuminates. This picture is strange and impossible, obviously. That's what causes it to be stick with you!

Aglet is not probably the most helpful word to understand (unless of course you are within the shoe business). However I selected it for example to exhibit that the phrase any word could be appreciated by considering a bizarre scene that links this is from the word towards the seem from the syllables for the reason that word.

Example 2 - Exorbitant. This word means "exceeding the bounds of reason excessive". For instance, having to pay $10 for any gallon of gas would appear to many people an exorbitant cost.

To keep in mind the meaning with this word, first break it lower into more compact substitute words while using *seem* from the word. Then connect these words using the concept of exorbitant.

One of the ways is smashing the word lower into "ex" + "orbit" + "ant". Now, "ex" is really a generally used prefix that merely means "out" (for instance, someone's ex-husband is the husband who's out!) "orbit" could make reference to a spaceship in orbit round the Earth as well as an "ant" is just that little insect in the yard that bites you should you wreck havoc on him.

TransientSo form this mental picture: a large astronaut ant is within orbit round the Earth in the spaceship, but he's out cold (asleep). Since he's asleep and never driving, his spaceship drifts from Earth and excessively far, in to the Sun (ouch!).

Attempt to otherwise this could happen image strongly. Now, whenever you hear the term "exorbitant" (ex-orbit-ant), you'll think about your picture of the ant floating from Earth orbit to excessively far (too much) away.

Example 3 - Transient. When utilized as an adjective, transient describes something which is available for a while of your time then is finished. Transient is pronounced "tran see ing". I've come across this word on Sitting and GRE study lists.

Here's a good example of "transient" utilized in a sentence:

Joe experienced transient relief once the plate he dropped did not break on impact. On closer inspection, however, he recognized the advantage from the plate had chipped."

memorizing vocabularyA short meaning of transient is "short-resided, ephemeral". To produce a strong mental link with this definition, we are able to scribe the sounds of word "transient" and it is meaning as mental images. We all do this by considering images to represent the phonetic sounds from the word and definition.

Indication: The sounds we use only have to compare. They're memory joggers. At recall time, your true memory knows exactly what the real word happens when you hear the sounds.

In my experience, the term transient sounds greatly like "train sees ant". Here is a silly image that signifies this phrase:

Study this picture. A train engine zooms rapidly toward an ant crossing the train's path. The train (getting eyes) sees the ant but cannot stop.

The ant might not understand it, but he's going to get squashed. Thus, in the train's perspective, the ant is short-resided, a transient obstacle. It will likely be gone momentarily, and also the train will hurry ahead coming.

Recall works such as this: You hear the term transient or view it written. You believe, "Exactly what do the phonetic sounds within this word help remind me of?"

On hearing or thinking the sounds "tran see ing", the bizarre picture of the train and ant should appear in your thoughts. (The greater you imagined the look when designing it, the greater easy the recall.)

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